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We Generate Leads

Pay Per Click Marketing on Google and Bing is our specialty. We focus on developing great looking, lead generating websites for any business. Then with a little bit of industry knowledge, we target the customers you want sales leads from. We can get very specific on what type of customer you want. But keep in mind, the more specific the target market, the more we charge per lead.

We go out of our way to show you that our lead quality is superior. Even if it means taking an initial loss on investment. Generating long-term relationships with the right folks is what we are all about. Anyone can generate leads. Only 7 or 8 people can market a specific product / service on each search engine at any given time with PPC. Just search Google's sponsored results and see for yourself.

For Business Owners

Got a business but don't know how to promote it online? Let us help simplify your situation. No matter what the business type, if you need customers, we know how to bring them to your site in a vary cost effective way. We offer free consultations. Leave us a message, and someone will respond within 24 hours.

For Networks

Over the past 5 years Klick It Media has been generating leads for numerous verticals solely on Pay Per Click Marketing. Our primary focus is the insurance vertical, but we are currently reviewing lucrative offers and are constantly adding new verticals. Due to the fact the we only advertise PPC on top search engines like Google and Bing, the offers you present to us need to be hosted on our own built out sites. No exceptions. Which usually means, this needs to be one of your in-house offers, or a company you have an intimate relationship with. We don't accept Net 30. No exceptions. Weekly payouts are the norm, but bi-monthly is doable. Sometimes.

We are always looking for new advertiser to work with, so if you fit this criteria, and you think we fit yours, then contact us.